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As we know that there are a lot of correlations between different currency pairs, for example very positive correlation between EURUSD and GBPUSD. But sometimes this correlation is not very positive and even can be negative for some short period of time. In such cases this two currency pairs are not going in the same direction because their direction is become divergent. After some time their correlation is being normalized.

So our EA’s are developed in order to determine such big decline in correlation.

It does not matter in which direction the market is moving. Robot constantly analyze the current correlation between two currency pairs and seeks for the signal for order opening, When signal appears robot makes an order set. And then it waits for specific profit and loss target. Each order set is insured with loss threshold.

Expert Advisors are developed for MetaTrader 5 trading platform.

Currently there are two developed EA versions:

– DoubleHedge – trades for two hedging positions on EURUSD-GBPUSD. It opens EURUSD (Buy and Sell) and GBPUSD (Buy and Sell);

– SimpleHedge – trades from pair trading method, opens Buy and Sell for two different currency pairs;

All expert advisors were tested and optimized on real market ticks.

*It is recommended to use different version of EA’s in order to get more safe and stable result;

Why you should try it?

Easy to use

The expert advisor does not require any manual set-ups or optimizations. You can run it with default settings.


Stable and safe results for long term investment. The backtesting result with real market ticks showed very stable income during almost 1 year


GBP version of EA’s showed maximum equity drawdown no more than 19%

How to Get?

1. Register on RoboForex

Open an account on RoboForex broker
*if you already have an account here, just skip this step.

2. Open ECN-PRO account

Inside your Trader Room you need to open ECN-PRO account for MetaTrader 5.
IMPORTANT! During the account opening in the fields:
– ‘Trading Platfor’ select – MetaTrader 5
– ‘Account Type’ select – MT5 ECN PRO
– ‘Hedge system’ select – Yes;
– ‘Currency’ select – USD
– ‘Leverage’ select – 1:300
– “Affiliate code” fill in – xthe

3. Deposit your trading account

Deposit your trading account/s at least for 100 USD

4. Submit a request

Please submit a request form here

5. Wait for reply

Once we will receive your request we will send you expert advisor ex5 file for your trading account within 1-2 days.
Our email can get into your Spam folder, don’t forget to check them from time to time as well.

6. Having questions?

Please check FAQ or you can visit our discussion board